we are specialized mainly in structural design involving reinforced concrete, steel and hybrid. aspired by the government motivation to modernized construction, we are capable designing IBS or precast system.

geotechnical is another discipline in civil engineering which emphasize on proper foundation, soil stabilization and earth retaining system. we are affiliated with professors who are specialized in seismic and earthquake design.


as for infrastructures and civil works, we have completed various road, pipeline and earthwork design. aside from these, we are specialized in urbanstorm water design, erosion and sedimentation control design, water irrigation and drainage design, and sewerage system.

we are affiliated with specialists in oil & gas pipeline design as well as horizontal directional drilling design. 


project management and site management consultation is available where we are able to consult you on resources distribution and leveraging, creating realistic project implementation schedule or work program and project budgeting. we have experience with JKR's conventional requirements and PETRONAS's requirements.